Guaranteed Rodent Removal Services LLC understands that raccoons can really ruin the waste and dumpster area for restaurants, and be more than a nuisance for your home. First they appear meddlesome because they knock over the trash cans before trash day… but when they start becoming more crafty, looking for entrances to your food supply through your roof, windows, and floorboards, bigger safety precautions are needed. Our team of animal control specialists have been able to remove entire raccoon families from properties to the safety of all, and the chagrin of raccoons everywhere! Call Today for a free inspection and quote! Houston/ 832-563-7675. Dallas/Ft. Worth 214-799-7885 Austin 210-872-7126

Guaranteed Rodent Removal services removes all types of rodents in the Houston and Dallas and Austin areas. More of the common ones include Opossum and Raccoons but whatever your pesky rodent problems entail when you give us a call we’ll give you an answer!